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Are You Brute Tough?

Why do kids stop wrestling?


Fewer kids dream of someday winning an Olympic title like John Smith or being a four time NCAA Wrestling Champion like Kyle Dake. We see fewer kids continuing their wrestling careers, so we ask ourselves why, and the reasons are numerous. Many of the reasons kids stop wrestling can be either caused or negated by coaches and parents. The following…

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How people can get engaged in the Olympic movement


When I was asked by BRUTE to write a blog, I had some hesitation. We just started the school year here at Oklahoma State University and time was of the essence. Then I found out it came with a one week deadline and I really had reservation. Yet after visiting with one of our wrestlers who just returned from an international competition I found inspiration. I realized that I did not have to write an entry. I only had to convey in words the passion he feels for being the best. Continue reading

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Women’s Wrestling: Introduction


Hello wrestlers, coaches and fans. For those that do not know me, I’m Leigh Jaynes. I’ve wrestled under the name Jaynes for over twelve years. I began wrestling as a senior in high school on a dare. When I placed All-American at the US Girl’s Wrestling Association Nationals, I was recruited by for Missouri Valley College in 1999. At that time MVC was only one of five colleges offering scholarships to wrestle. Continue reading

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