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How long after I place my order can I cancel it?

If the order was placed for a product in our online Store, you have approximately 24 hours, or until the product is shipped.

How do I order a uniform I designed on the Custom Color Selector / Uniform Builder?

Use our Dealer Locator link on the website, to contact a dealer near you. If you need help finding one , please call our customer service at 800-486-2788. The dealer will quote prices and give delivery times. Brute does not sell direct to the end user. Only an approved dealer of Brute, will be able to help finalize your order. There is a 6 pc. minimum on custom uniforms.

How should a wrestling shoe fit on my foot? Should I leave room in the toe or should I buy them snug?

You want your wrestling shoes to be fairly snug. If you are 15 or older, you should not have much space between your big toe and the front of the shoe. The toe area will stretch and conform to the shape of your foot. If you’re 14 or younger, we suggest having no more room than 1/2″ or the width of your thumb between the end of the shoe and your big toe.

Are Brute earguards made for both youth and adult?

The Quad tech earguard fits all sizes of heads, from Elementary to College heavyweights. The LE-06 comes in youth sizes only. You can see our product catalog on our site for size “by weight” recommendations.

I have a Quad-Tech Earguard and the front strap keeps slipping over my face, how can I correct this problem?

The original design concept was to have the front strap going directly across the forehead. If all the straps are adjusted according to the instructions on the back of the back, there’s never a problem. However, many of the best wrestlers make all of the straps very tight (almost to the point where it doesn’t fit). They also tape the front and crown straps together, with the straps going across the hair line. This forms more of a triangle, and the front strap can’t go across your eyes if the straps are properly adjusted.

I noticed that your Lycra kneepads contain Sorbothane. What is so good about Sorbothane?

We stitch the Sorbothane® right under the cover patch on the face of the pad, directly over the kneecap. Sorbothane® is great for reducing the blows to the soft tissue surrounding the knee joint. Right now Sorbothane® is the best thing on the kneepad market. Most injuries to the knee in wrestling involve the pounding of the knees while shooting takedowns.

Last year I tore my Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) in my left knee. I am currently back on the mat and not having any trouble. My doctor says that I can stop wearing the large, cumbersome brace that I have learned to hate. I was wondering if Brutekneepads offer enough protection to keep my knee from being re-injured?

Although no athletic brace can guarantee full protection from injury, the Brute Lycra Kneepad with Sorbothane® would really help – in two ways. The Neoprene will help keep the ligaments remain warm and flexible, and the Sorbothane® will help reduce the direct blows to the soft tissue. We should also mention that the Lycra material covering the implant slides easily on the mat, further reducing problems to the knee.

The stitching in my kneepad is starting to fray. Can I return this kneepad? Should I take it to the store that I bought it, or should I contact your Customer Service Department?

Brute guarantees all its product for reasonable use. You should take this kneepad back to the store where you purchased it. They will probably replace it free of charge, if not, contact our Customer Service Department at, or call 1-800-486-2788. They are experienced at determining how to proceed.

Our team really likes your new custom singlet designs, especially the Okie with the Tank Top. How long does it take to get a set of Custom uniforms?

The time of year you place the order has a lot to do with how long the order will take to deliver. Since we do all the manufacturing ourselves we have better control than some of our Competitors. On average, from the date we receive the order confirmation to the date we ship, it usually takes 4 weeks.

I am a 119 pounder, but I am 5’10”. What size singlet should I purchase to wear?

When a wrestler is unusually tall for their weight class, we suggest going up one size in the singlet they purchase. You can also look at our Size Charts for additional information.

I am a coach at a small high school in Pennsylvania. Last season we had a breakout of ringworm. Our wrestlers used pre-practice foam religiously, but we still had the problem. Is Brute Mat Disinfectant an effective treatment against ringworm?

Not only is it an effective treatment against ringworm, but it also kills even the worst diseases, such as H.I.V., if used correctly, leaving an invisible residue on the mat surface. Dilute the Brute Mat Disinfectant into your mop bucket according to the instructions to on the bottle, and mop the mats daily, because if left overnight in a humid wrestling room, the bacteria on the mats will grow and spread. Give it ample time to dry, however, as the disinfectant needs time to destroy all of the bacteria on the mat. After the mats have dried, they are safe to wrestle on. Lastly, make sure to never roll up your mats when they are still wet, as this gives a moist, dark place for more bacteria to breed.

How do I return any order or item I do not want?

You can begin the process by reviewing the details here and submitting the form if you feel you are eligible for a return.

Who can I contact if there is something wrong with my order?

You can contact us at or by calling Customer Service at 1-800-486-2788 and asking for customer service.

I am a high school wrestler from Nevada and have qualified for the Junior Olympics this year, but I have no way to pay for my trip or the expenses. Is there any way your company can help me with equipment or financial support?

Unfortunately, due to NCAA rules, we are not allowed to give product or funds directly to athletes. We at Brute are always giving back to our sport. The company was founded and is managed by former wrestlers. We can’t help everyone, but we are exploring the possibility of establishing a type of scholarship fund for needs like yours. This fund will be awarded based on need and qualifications.