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I am a coach at a small high school in Pennsylvania. Last season we had a breakout of ringworm. Our wrestlers used pre-practice foam religiously, but we still had the problem. Is Brute Mat Disinfectant an effective treatment against ringworm?

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Not only is it an effective treatment against ringworm, but it also kills even the worst diseases, such as H.I.V., if used correctly, leaving an invisible residue on the mat surface. Dilute the Brute Mat Disinfectant into your mop bucket according to the instructions to on the bottle, and mop the mats daily, because if left overnight in a humid wrestling room, the bacteria on the mats will grow and spread. Give it ample time to dry, however, as the disinfectant needs time to destroy all of the bacteria on the mat. After the mats have dried, they are safe to wrestle on. Lastly, make sure to never roll up your mats when they are still wet, as this gives a moist, dark place for more bacteria to breed.